Play Therapy

Play Therapy
Empowering parents to make a difference
in their special child’s life


The P.L.A.Y. Project Awarded $1.85 Million Grant from the National Institute of Mental Health
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Family First Early Intervention Project is a non-profit program located in Fairfield County, Connecticut that promotes early identification and intervention for children with autism and other developmental challenges. Our center is staffed by a team of early childhood therapists with extensive training and experience.

Play TherapyOur Mission is to identify these at-risk children as early as possible and to support their families by empowering them to be their child’s first and best source of early intervention. This goal is achieved by directly training and coaching families and caregivers to provide playful, intensive, high quality and proven intervention in the context of daily life. Given the rise in the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum and related disorders, and the limited therapeutic options available, our program fills a void by focusing on the family first. We believe that when families have a high degree of competence, using effective techniques to increase their child’s engagement, social, communication and play abilities, their child thrives.